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Trusting Colin Banner Melody Dawn

Trusting Colin

Release Date: TBA

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At the age of 17, Makayla Kinsey was subjected to an unspeakable trauma, after which she fled her hometown.

Six years later, she’s in the process of rebuilding her life, trying to put the past behind her. Unexpectedly, her demons come back to haunt her when she receives a letter informing her, Aiden Landry, the man who violated her is up for parole.

A letter that brings her face to face with Colin, Aiden’s brother, and the only man she has ever truly loved.

Although its been six long years, Makayla’s feelings haven’t changed, however, Colin has moved on. Or has he?

Secrets broke them apart once before. Is there a chance for Colin and Makayla to be together, or is the trust they once shared irrevocably shattered?

Learning to Live (The Living Series, A Short Story)

Release Date: TBA


Living On the Edge (The Living Series, Vol 3)

Release Date: TBA


Tatted up, pierced, with dimples and a killer smile, Brayden Reece looks like the definition of a “bad boy.”
But, for those who know him, he’s the smart guy, the good guy, the one who thinks of everyone before himself.
With a father who made it his life’s mission to be as selfish as humanly possible and a mother who checked out the moment his father was gone,
Brayden has made a conscious choice to be there for his family and always do the “right thing.”He has no problem achieving this goal until he meets Julianna McKinley at Connor and Madison’s destination wedding in the Virgin Islands.
Seeing Brayden’s interest in her sister, Madison declares her completely off-limits.

Being the only two unattached wedding attendants, they are thrown together. Not only is Julianna gorgeous, but she’s sweet as well and when she turns those trusting brown eyes on him, being bad has never felt so good.

Brayden struggles with the fact that he’s 24, she’s 19. and being together will cause all kinds of havoc in the family.
Yet he can’t bring himself to care when she melts under his touch.
Will he do the right thing one more time or will Julianna be his breaking point?

Living the Good Life (The Living Series, Vol 4)

Release Date: TBA

Living Her Dream (The Living Series, Vol 5)

Release Date: TBA

Living For Tomorrow (The Living Series, Vol 6)

Release Date: TBA

Other characters in the series may  be getting a book…as soon as a title is decided on, it will be posted in this list.